actually dáel


dáel / kankri / karkat
19 – cancer – infp
nonbinary transmasc* - they/fe/it/he**
bi / nblnb – nblm – mlm


major kins.
minor kins.


other stuff.


general dni criteria.
before you follow.


doubles are allowed and in fact, encouraged! if you kin any of these characters, or you are angelkin/divinekin/demonkin, you are welcome to get in contact with me to talk about kins! it would be pretty neat actually.i'm also always open to talk to you or be friends with you if you are a kinnie or irl of:
- any nitram (tavros/rufioh/summoner)
- mituna captor
- gregg (nitw)
so don't hesitate to message me (:



i am an angel. i am not fallen from heaven but rather i was converted on earth. it's a mess.i don't get along with g-d, and our vision of angels is vampiric.

An edited sprite of Kankri Vantas from Homestuck.


An edited sprite of Kankri Vantas from Homestuck.

kankri vantas.

yes i know you're laughing right now. yes i know it doesnt fit with the rest of the aesthetic. yes i know he's a dumbass.he is literally me and i am literally him.

major kins.

mae borowski.

i heavily identify with themes of "leaving my dead hometown", "dying anywhere else", as well as dissociation.before i started uni i thought i would drop out like her.

An edited sprite of Kankri Vantas from Homestuck.
Karkat Vantas from Homestuck.

karkat vantas,

reading his pesterlogs wrecked me and i identify with the themes of overcoming self-hatred, the past, and leadership.four, three, two, f-

the signless.

i know this sounds like i'm tripping. i'm sorry.this is extremely related to our angelkin surprisingly. i relate to the themes of caste struggle and liberation, and found family. ask me i guess?

The Sufferer from Homestuck

minor kins.

Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

kaworu nagisa.

i'm insane and deranged. i relate to him when i feel dehumanized or like a stranger on Earth. i'm also very homosexual and i have had white hair and pronounce.

dirk strider.

stop laughing!!! i need to figure this one out again but i relate to themes of "self-replication", creating and managing splinters, the faces of the self, fragmentation and completion.

Dirk Strider from Homestuck.

joke kins.

Empedocles from Ancient Greece.


inspired by irl hal's carrd, i decided i now kin empedocles.he was a fallen angel and also a beautiful sl-t in past lives. he invented a pretty cool philosophical theory that was more like a sect if anything.


if i could be anyone in this life it would be brian david gilbert. he can sing, act, perform, write, record, and do everything. he's a man of fine arts and all i want to be in life. i fucking admire him.

Brian David Gilbert from Brian David Gilbert.

about me.

who am i?

  • i'm a poet and interactive fiction writer! check out my page.

  • i'm spanish and my first language isn't english.

  • i'm an angel on earth. being an angel is important to me.

  • i'm a philosophy major and i would like to get a masters in creative writing. i believe in practical social-oriented philosophy.

  • i'm a person with a complicated gender! i use "nonbinary transmasc" for the sake of simplicity, but you really should check out this clarification.

  • i'm a system! i don't like talking much about it, but if you are one (or you are nice to me) feel free to ask me about it, i will happily do so.

  • i'm on twitter, twitter again, discord (@karkat#6128), and eventually tumblr perhaps?

  • check my! some day there will be neopronouns on there (maybe there already are?).

what do i like?

  • homestuck is currently my main interest!

  • i investigate and do research about angels and i like doing a subversive (antagonistic) reading of the bible (i am not Christian).

  • i love neon genesis evangelion. i have watched the original, the movies, and the rebuilds.

  • night in the woods and undertale are two of my favorite games ever.

  • i love minecraft! i wish i played it more.

  • some of my favorite streamers are alexelcapo and orslok.

  • i am learning to play guitar! it's pretty cool.

what do i do with my free time?

  • as mentioned above i write poetry!

  • i am mainly interested in social poetry, city realism, free-form and slam.

  • i write prose sometimes although it is rare.

  • i can code pretty well! i've been doing it for almost a decade now. i don't like doing it much anymore, though.

  • i write interactive fiction using twine. i haven't released anything of substance yet, but i do plan to, on the long run.

  • i write political articles every once in a blue moon.

  • i perform at bars around madrid sometimes. if you live nearby or would like to watch me, hit me up!

  • when i am not being productive, i go out to concerts and hangouts in real life, with my friends.

what music do i like?

  • my favorite genre is around post-hardcore and screamo. i enjoy other kinds of music though.

  • la dispute is my favorite band.

  • i enjoy artists like mccafferty, touché amoré, the front bottoms, system of a down, måneskin, fugazi, crywank, bring me the horizon, at the drive-in, my chemical romance and my bloody valentine.

  • some of my guilty pleasures are rosalía, kanye west, 100 gecs, mother mother, death grips, lana del rey, lorde, porter robinson/virtual self and wilbur soot.

  • other artists i like are conan osiris, aws, the altogether, yes we mystic, animal collective, slipknot, hatari, flatsound, daughter, crywolf and movements.

  • my favorite genres are post-hardcore, screamo, midwest emo and folk punk. i am into other genres though.

  • perhaps you should just visit my!

  • i use deezer, not spotify. i believe spotify is a bad company and since i need to pay for it, i would rather pay deezer (which i very much recommend).

dni / byf.

do not interact.

  • if you're a proshipper.

  • if you promote s/h, eating disorders.

  • if you are a part of shtwt or edtwt.

  • if you romanticize mental illnesses.

  • if you support mcyts associated with dream or jschlatt.

  • if you support crypto.

  • if you heavily police lgbtq+ labels.

before you follow.

  • i talk in spanish sometimes and i will not stop doing that for you.

  • i don't believe you need dysphoria to be trans.

  • i don't think anybody is born trans, actually.

  • i think hyper-online lgbtq+ discourse such as flag discourse or microlabel discourse is stupid.

  • i get uncomfortable when people i am not close with make nsfw jokes about me.

  • i am a very political person. i am an anarchist.